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Investors: Uber and tesla combined musk ceos is a win-win situation

According to foreign media reports, angel investor Jason Calacanis as one of the first investors Uber, now again will gaze at tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Jason Calacanis in his last Week's network program "This Week in Startups," said tesla and cooperation between the Uber, not only can offer at present, the company desperately needed for Uber self-driving technology support, at the same time will also help tesla electric cars hit more market.

Jason Calacanis as early as 2009 invested Uber, he thinks that if the two companies to cooperate, you will beat all the competitors in the field of transportation.

Jason Calacanis have a bold idea, the main reason is that current Uber company has severe descended into chaos. In June, Uber co-founder and chief executive officer Travis Kalanick was forced to resign. As one of the biggest investors in the Uber, vc firms Benchmark is also continuing to Sue Kalanick fraud and breach of fiduciary duty. In the court documents submitted last week, Kalanick said the prosecution is the Benchmark to open a personal attack, that's all, without any value.

Uber after a recent financing, estimated market value of $70 billion, but the company's top executives recently for a period of time is very chaotic. Uber, meanwhile, also with the Alphabet's Waymo company in another case, and this will also be automated driving technology for the development of Uber produce certain effect.

Jason Calacanis idea is that if the opportunities to cooperate with tesla Uber even merged, will not only make Elon Musk company's new chief executive, also not impede Kalanick continue as Uber members of the board of directors. But for now, Jason Calacanis this looked a little crazy ideas are not possible. Tesla's current market valuation of $58 billion, but the quarterly losses hundreds of millions of dollars. The Uber of losses in the first quarter of this year to more than $700 million. Though silicon valley will be very welcome two new momentum transportation company cooperation or merger, but from the point of view of Wall Street, this is a low probability of trading.

Jason Calacanis Uber hope as soon as possible to get rid of the fallout from the scandal, he said the scandal makes whole Uber and the board of directors are in a very embarrassing situation, feel very sad.


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