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Foreign media: cancel the fingerprint identification of the iPhone 8 sales affected

More and more media reports and analysts report confirmed, released on September 10 edition of the new phone, apple will cancel the fingerprint recognition, instead of 3 d face scans recognition technology.There is little application and 3 d scanning recognition in the industry precedent, smooth enough is unknown.

Recently, the American media and analysts for lack of fingerprint identification was analyzed, and the influence of some analysts believe that this will affect the iPhone sales of 8.

Comprehensive barron's and various media reports, in the United States, has long been thought to apple will be in ten years in the mobile phone to cancel the entity key, fingerprint recognition under the launch screen.However, like samsung, apple on fingerprint features under the screen suffered a huge technical challenge.

It is understood that in the face of new production and release, apple has decided to cancel a decade version of fingerprint recognition, 3 d facial recognition will become the main means of authentication.In the smartphone industry, manufacturers had flat face scanning identification, but more troublesome use process (user need phones on the face), did not become a mainstream industry, and in the 3 d recognition, rare apple will be the first mobile phone industry.

Recently, American industry analyst Andy Hargreaves said in a research note, iPhone 8 did not provide fingerprint identification in the cell phone, mobile phone will be attractive and sales, have a negative impact.But the analyst also said that the problem of fingerprint identification is not too big impact.In the fourth quarter of this year, apple will still appear in short supply, and bring huge good apple's quarterly results.

American financial investment site, Fool also said in an article recently, apple's new mobile phone missing fingerprint recognition, will affect the part of the sales, but the overall impact will not be huge.

Over the past few weeks, about apple's face recognition has been positive reports, allegedly the recognition rate is very high, and when the phone flat on the table, the user can also realize face recognition.

When users really get the apple phone, however, whether they will adapt to frequent face unlock, the function of the user experience than the fingerprint identification is better or worse, everything will have more information and evaluation way.

Previously, Wall Street analysts have been predicting, iPhone 8 will bring apple mobile phone users in a super upgrade cycle, that does not change the past few years, mobile phone users, for the first time to buy new phones.Apple's biggest problem, is to ensure that each function of the new phone present a good user experience, and to maximize production of contract, to meet consumer needs.

Reported before, due to technical difficulties, such as screen under the fingerprint so apple decade version of mobile phone production time will be delayed, and the initial production will be very low, consumers will be one machine is hard to find.But in cancel out under the background of the fingerprint identification, apple phone production and delivery will be faster.

Recently, electronic times quoted the supply chain, according to foxconn and and have begun to mass production of science and technology to recognize three apple phones this year, the specific yield is unknown.

It is worth mentioning that in last year's new phone, apple is cancelled for the first time 3.5 mm analog audio interface.Before release, this raises some concern of the outside world, even a consumer petitioned, hope apple keep audio interface.However, after apple finally cancelled, did not cause consumers to protest, people gradually adapted to the bluetooth headset, some manufacturers are beginning to emulate apple, cancel the audio interface.(integrated/morning)


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