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The Google is developing mini smart speaker Oath with amazon into it

BI have reported on August 22
According to science and technology media Android Police said, in addition to the new Pixel smart phones, Google (weibo) apparently are also developing other hardware products, including more petite size intelligent speakers Google Home, it also has the support of artificial intelligence (AI).
At present, the details about Google mini smart speaker news is very few, but probably it is just a smaller version of the Google Home. Echo, this may sound similar to the amazon Dot ($50), it is actually original Echo of smaller, cheaper version of the latter usually sells for $180.
Because of this, smaller, cheaper Google Home allows you to add more Google Home devices in the Home, but won't make you too many wallets, after all, Google Home that cost up to $130. Cheaper, of course, Google Home any want to experience the intelligent speakers can also be a great introduction to equipment.
This is purely speculation, but the new mini Google Home may have similar to the function of the normal Google Home, which is provided by the AI Assistant Google developed by Google Assistant support. This means that you can ask mini Google Home all kinds of basic questions, through its control music playback, and receive calls, manage your calendar, control your intelligent household equipment, etc.
Mini Google Home is still not clear whether there will be additional features, like Echo Dot. Amazon's small Echo Dot has a lot of Echo does not have the function of the original, such as via bluetooth or auxiliary cable connected to a single speaker. In spite of this, mini Google Home still belongs to unpublished, unproven equipment, but rumors about it should be gradually clarified. (compile/golden deer


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