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Touch screen machine

  • K-190
  • K-190


Name standard configuration

Model K - 190 single screen

Motherboard POS special low-power master board

CPU 1037, 1.8 main frequency

Memory DDR 3 2G notebook memory

Hard drive 32G solid mini hard disk

Ethernet card 10M / 100M adaptive network card

Serial port 2 RS232

Parallel port 1

USB port 4 USB port, 2 front USB port

Display 15 inch original LCD resolution 1024 * 768

Touch screen 15 inch original Taiwan five-wire resistance frosted screen

Content guest display LED8 (optional VFD)

Power laptop power supply (12V 5A)

The color black


Contact: Lai, general manager of


Tel: 020-89853486


Add: Huangpu district, guangzhou city, guangdong province, li lian street cang village head north road no. 8 factory 203 light four clubs